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September 12 2014

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September 07 2014

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"It fizzes like cherry cola and tingles like kisses on my neck. I think it’s called happiness."
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August 31 2014



I’m no… I’m not good with words. I’m no… I’m not good with speaking …

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August 30 2014

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August 26 2014

I was starting to think you’d left the country. Or at least Lincolnshire.  I thought about it.
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and it was touch / feel me breathe in
go on and touch, don’t think too deep in
don’t be so scared of the things you love  []
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I just don’t get it.

You don’t get what?

You’re an eleven and I’m a four.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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10 favourite characters of 2013 - 6. Finn Nelson (My Mad Fat Diary)

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You don’t think I’m weird though, do ya? (x)

August 25 2014


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i don’t want to step on your toes music-wise
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August 24 2014

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June 22 2014

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June 21 2014

I just love his face

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June 19 2014

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